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Saturday 26th March 2016: Poetry Teaser Day

With Write Nothing coming out in just five days (5!), I’ve decided to do something a little special for you – some free poems!

I’ve got nine poems all ready to post on my poetry Tumblr. None of these are works from Write Nothing itself: they’re all unique free content for my blog.

Starting from 6 p.m. tonight, I’ll be posting a poem every fifteen minutes and adding links to each individual poem to this post so you can access them all from one place or read them one at a time as they go up.


6.00 p.m. – Hemingway
6.15 p.m. – I Do
6.30 p.m. – Tealights
6.45 p.m. – Want (B)
7.00 p.m. – Life and Death
7.15 p.m. – Ink and Truth
7.30 p.m. – Covet
7.45 p.m. – Lincoln Triptych
8.00 p.m. – Coffee Kisses

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

~ Penny

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Images © Penny Gotch (http://www.pennygotch.co.uk), Liam Whear, Susan Wright & Molly Penford.

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Monday 29th June 2015: Countdown to “Dark Heart”

The build-up to the release of “Dark Heart” seems to be going well!

I’ve been publishing one poem per day since last Tuesday and the response has been good for the most part.

I’ll be posting a new poem on Penny Gotch Poetry every day from now until the publication of “Dark Heart” (with double posts on Sundays!). So keep an eye on that Tumblr, my Twitter feed or my Facebook page!

Image © Penny Gotch (http://www.pennygotch.co.uk).

But when is “Dark Heart” coming out, I hear you ask?

Two weeks from today, or Monday 13th July. Put it in your diaries!

The book is all formatted and ready to be uploaded to CreateSpace, so it’s just a matter of waiting until the release date.

But I can’t just leave you with that, so here’s a brand new promo image for the book combining the title and the image I’ll be using in the cover art:

Image © Penny Gotch (http://www.pennygotch.co.uk).

Hope you like it – feel free to share!

~ Penny

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Available Books

Solo: Under the Tree

Colab: Personal is Political

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Tuesday 23rd June 2015: Vids and Blogging and Books, Oh My

Thank you so much for your great response to my Final Year Independent Study videos. I have tentative results for the project: it looks like I have a First, and I couldn’t have done that without you.

Haven’t seen the videos? Not a problem! You can check out the playlist right here.

And every single one has closed captions, so they should be accessible to you even if you’re D/deaf, Hard of Hearing, have auditory processing issues, etc.

I hope you’re also happy to hear that I’m working on five new poetry videos that, together with the ten I’ve made, will be going onto a DVD! I don’t have even a tentative release date for that yet, but I hope to have that available for you before the autumn.

The DVD will come with the ten poetry videos from YouTube, five new poetry videos never before seen, and hopefully a video or two explaining my writing process and giving some trivia about the poems and videos themselves.

But there is something I do have a release date for: my next poetry book!

If you didn’t already know, I self-published a poetry book called “Under the Tree” early last year and put it on Amazon in the late autumn. If you’re interested, you can check it out here.

And I think it’s high time that I followed up with a sequel!

I don’t want to give too much away because I’m not going to be publishing it for another three weeks. But I’m going to share the title with you today: “Dark Heart“.

Image © Penny Gotch (http://www.pennygotch.co.uk).

And here’s another treat for you! I also run a poetry blog called “Penny Gotch’s Poetry” where I give away my works for free.

Yes, you read that correctly: free poetry!

And in the build-up to the publication of “Dark Heart”, I will be posting a new poem there every single day until release day.

That’s 21 poems absolutely free so you can try my work before you buy it.

I hope you enjoy them and I can’t wait to share the new book with you.

~ Penny

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Want to get in touch? E-mail me (pennygotch@gmail.com), message me on Facebook, send me a tweet (@pennygotch) or leave a comment!

Available Books

Under the Tree / Personal is Political

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