Dead Saints Rose – Supernatural Horror, short story, Bodyparts Magazine, web, January 2017

The Sixth Mistake – Supernatural Horror, short story, Echoes of Infinity, book/Kindle book, June 2016

This Dreamy Girl – General, flash fiction, Polychrome Ink Volume II, book, October 2015

Joey’s – Dystopian Sci-Fi, short story, Folkestone Anthology 2013, book, November 2013

Love & Other Nonsense – Romance, short story, FreeFlashFiction.com, Kindle book, July 2013

Destination – Supernatural Horror, flash fiction, FreeFlashFiction.com, Kindle book, July 2013

Cellar Door – Psychological Horror, flash fiction, Deimos eZine, web, June 2013



Write Nothing – Poetry anthology, self-published, book/Kindle book, April 2016

Dark Heart – Poetry anthology, self-published, book/Kindle book, July 2015

Under the Tree – Poetry anthology, self-published, book/Kindle book, November 2014

Things I Am Not – Poem, Canterbury Festival Anthology, book, October 2014

A Traitor’s Boon – Poem, Canterbury Festival Anthology, book, October 2014

Heroes – Poem, What the Dickens! Magazine, magazine, March 2013



Girls not aloud: gender bias in autism diagnoses – Opinion piece, Disability Now, web, October 2016

TV review: The A Word, BBC1 and BBC iPlayer – TV show review, Disability Now, web, March 2016

Sex, Drugs and Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD) – Book review, Disability Now, web, February 2016

Personal is Political – Collaborative anthology, self-published, book/Kindle book, December 2014

The Curious Case of Autistics in Fiction – Opinion piece, Disability Now, web, March 2014

My Life in Books – Autobiographical piece, Breath & Shadow, web, September 2013

Gimme a Break! An Appeal for the Intermission – Opinion piece, UNIpinion, magazine, June 2013



Penny Gotch Poetry – Poetry, blog

Medium Profile – Fiction / Non-Fiction, writer profile

Stark Remarks – Wrestling reviews and opinion pieces, blog (inactive)

Her Campus Profile – Non-Fiction, Correspondent profile (inactive)

I also write content for International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom‘s show programmes.

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