Sewing Projects: Part Three

Part Three of the sewing, let’s go!

A photo of a small grey felt owl with a dark grey stomach and a ribbon emerging from the top of its head. Its wings are speckled with light grey and its belly is decorated with embroidered purple flowers, green leaves and pale pink stars.

Another Aldi kit, and the second of the non-realistic animals. I have this one pinned to my board where I have the Feminist Killjoy stitch from the last post. It’s a good place to put random things.

A photo of a longstitch piece of two stylised hedgehogs: a large one with a baby one sitting on top of its head. There is also a tree. The piece is held in a cardboard frame.

This came from… I want to say either Hobbycraft or DMC. But don’t quote me. It’s my first longstitch because I fancied doing something a little bit different, and it also lives on the pinboard, held on with a badge a good friend gave me that also has hedgehogs on it.

A photo of a gem painting of a wolf in various shades of brown with a black nose and green eyes.

Okay, so it’s not technically sewing, but it’s close enough. It’s like cross-stitch with shiny things. Either way, I think this will be the only gem painting I do because while the satisfaction of putting gems in place to make the picture is very high, the strain on my back is quite intense and it hurts. Which makes me feel extraordinarily old because I’m complaining about my back, good grief. Oh, and I think it came from The Works.

A photograph of a small felt giraffe. It’s more realistic in appearance and is yellow with brown spots and a brown mane.

Another Aldi one! This is one of two more realistic animals that I made. Not much more to say except that sewing on all the spots was a bit of a pain. It’s cute, though, so can I complain? No I cannot.

And that’s it for today!

~ Penny

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