Sewing Projects: Part Four

Last part of the sewing projects! Are you excited? I’m excited! Let’s go!

A photo of a small red felt squirrel with a cream stomach and a ribbon emerging from the top of its head. Its belly has red speckles and its tail is decorated with embroidered pale pink flowers, green leaves and purple stars.

The last of the funny animals from Aldi! This one is probably the most dodgy creation as the head isn’t really sewn onto the right place and the ribbon isn’t very centred either. It’s a bit Quasimodo. But it’s still mine and I still love it.

A photograph of a shield-shaped piece of wood with a handle made of string across the top to hang it up by. The word “KINDNESS” has been cross-stitched across it in blue thread.

The final Blurt Build-Your-Own-Buddybox kit too! This one is the outlier as both the wooden part has sharp corners and it’s cross-stitch rather than backstitch, but I needed to have all three, y’know? Also #NotSponsored, just like Blurt a lot.

A photograph of a cross-stitch. A variegated brown seesaw sits on top of a dark blue base. On one side is a brain in various shades of pink and on the other is a variegated red heart. Both are perfectly balanced. Above and below it are the words “Find Your Wise Mind” in light blue thread. The words are not balanced at all.

This is part of what I call my Therapy Wall – a trio of cross-stitches to do with mental health. It includes the very first stitch I did, reminding me to take my meds; a “Fake It Til You Make It”; and this, a reminder to use my DBT skills. Which I had to do when making it. Because, uh. You may have noticed that the words aren’t lined up. I want to say this is because I was making a deep point about finding balance, but to be honest, it’s because I completely botched the maths when trying to find the midpoint of the words at the bottom. DBT is about acceptance, though, so I said “What will be will be” and kept it. A double reminder, you could say. The brain and heart on the seesaw are from DailyCrossStitch (Brain vs Heart without the words) and the wording I used was generated by Stitchpoint Cross-Stitch Writer, my beloved.

A photo of a small, more realistic grey felt elephant. The realism is marred by the inclusion of embroidered ears, which are decorated with orange flowers, green leaves and yellow stars.

Yes, I know this elephant was supposed to be one of the realistic ones, but the giraffe had loads of spots and this would’ve been plain grey and boring. And wouldn’t real elephants be better if they naturally had flower decorations on their ears? Well no, probably not, but let me have my fun.

And that’s it for sewing projects this year! Stay tuned for some decoupage, coming soon.

~ Penny

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