Decoupage Projects

And now for something completely different – my decoupage projects! All of these are made with Décopatch paper, Décopatch glues and mache bases, all bought from Hobbycraft.

A photo collage of four mini pumpkin Halloween decorations. All of them are covered in gold and orange decoupage paper and have their stems painted green and Jack O’Lantern faces drawn on them in black. Their expressions are (clockwise from top left): spooky; angry; sleepy; and miserable.

Welcome to my first project! I wanted to do something for Halloween, so I decided to get some Décopatch papers and make some pumpkins. Didn’t realise I’d get super into it, but here we are. These little guys are (clockwise from top left) Spooky, Grumpy, Sleepy, and Seasonal Depression.

A photograph of a mache cat with its tail in the air. It’s been decoupaged with paper patterns with black cats and the occasional white cat.

When I got the pumpkins, I also got some black cat paper in case there wasn’t enough orange. I drastically misjudged how much paper is actually used in decoupage. So instead of using the cat paper on the pumpkins, I went out and got a cat. Here’s Xavier!

A close-up photo of a mache cat covered in black cat decoupage paper that better shows off the design.

This paper is cute as heck, isn’t it? Well worth going out and buying another thing to cover.

A photograph of a square tissue box covered in orange and gold decoupage paper.

You can never get tissue boxes that match your decor, am I right? Of course I am. So I decoupaged an exterior box for my tissues. Just pop the cardboard one right inside and there you go. Plus it holds the box down and makes it easier to take tissues out, if you’ll believe. I liked it so much that I…

A photograph of a square tissue box covered in green and gold decoupage paper.

… made one for my bedroom as well! Also one for my parents, but I don’t have a photo of that.

I’m also making a Christmas tree ornament, but that may or may not turn up here. I haven’t decided. Either way, that’s it for now!

~ Penny

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