Sewing Projects: Part Two

Part Two of Probably Four of the sewing projects I did in 2021 because I’d like to get the sewing projects plus the decoupage projects I did posted BEFORE 2022.

Also I won a Writers’ Forum Flash Fiction competition earlier this year with a story called “Mary, Mary”.

A photograph of a rectangular piece of light grey cross-stitch Aida. The design shows two cat silhouettes: one is variegated green with an orange collar and a gold tag, the other variegated yellow with a green collar and a green tag. Between them is a red heart. Beneath are the words “Ben & Amy” in a red font stylised with hearts in the capital letters, plus two pairs of interlocked green and gold wedding rings.

This is the cross-stitch I sewed for my brother and his now-wife for their wedding present. This was a synthesis of several different designs. The cat is from DailyCrossStitch (specifically this Cat Silhouette without the heart and speech bubble). The heart is from Googling “pixel heart”, I believe. The heart font is Beloved from Better Cross-Stitch Patterns. And the rings are just simple loops.

A photograph of the same cross-stitch of cats, except now it’s contained within a light wood frame and has the date 08/08/21 stitched between the two cats.

Y’know who I love? Stitchpoint. Their Cross Stitch Writer is responsible for SO MANY of my projects having words on them, including that date now on the Wedding Cats. I’d be lost without ya, Stitchpoint.

A photograph of a shield-shaped piece of wood with a handle made of string across the top to hang it up by. A rainbow has been back-stitched across it in brown, pink, yellow, green and blue thread.

Another Build-Your-Own-BuddyBox from Blurt kit – again, not sponsored, just think they’re neat. One more to go from this collection!

A photo of a small square cross-stitch on black Aida, pinned to a red pinboard with four pushpins. From top to bottom, it has sewn on it: the word “Feminist” in pale pink cursive; the word “Killjoy” in deep red in a font that looks like it’s dripping blood; and a knife with a brown handle, a metallic silver blade, and metallic red blood dripping from it.

I was originally sewing this as a present to somebody, then it was going to be to send to someone to make as a patch for a battle jacket (look up Primacron Jackets, they rock), but that kinda fell through as well. So I just kept it and stuck it on my pinboard I got for all my badges and stuff. I think it’s pretty cool.

And that’s it for today!

~ Penny

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P.S. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and get your vaccine and booster (unless you’re allergic/immunocompromised).

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