Big Posts Are Overrated

I haven’t posted anything since February. I’ve wanted to. But I haven’t.

See, posting something to a blog may not seem like a big deal. But when you’re autistic with ADHD? Even small things can seem enormous if they have a lot of stages. Which blog posts do. You have to write the text, find images, upload them, write image descriptions, tag the post… There’s a lot.

But I want to share stuff I’ve made! I’ve done a lot of sewing since February and done some cool cross-stitches and made some cute felt animals with kits from Aldi. So what am I gonna do?

Simple. Whenever I feel up to it, I’m gonna make a post with a photo of one thing I’ve made. The post will be that single picture plus a description of the image, and that’s it.

After all. Big posts are overrated.

~ Penny

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P.S. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and get your vaccine (unless you’re allergic/immunocompromised).

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