Monday 29th June 2015: Countdown to “Dark Heart”

The build-up to the release of “Dark Heart” seems to be going well!

I’ve been publishing one poem per day since last Tuesday and the response has been good for the most part.

I’ll be posting a new poem on Penny Gotch Poetry every day from now until the publication of “Dark Heart” (with double posts on Sundays!). So keep an eye on that Tumblr, my Twitter feed or my Facebook page!

Image © Penny Gotch (

But when is “Dark Heart” coming out, I hear you ask?

Two weeks from today, or Monday 13th July. Put it in your diaries!

The book is all formatted and ready to be uploaded to CreateSpace, so it’s just a matter of waiting until the release date.

But I can’t just leave you with that, so here’s a brand new promo image for the book combining the title and the image I’ll be using in the cover art:

Image © Penny Gotch (

Hope you like it – feel free to share!

~ Penny

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