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(Not Quite) Word Count Wednesday: 22nd January 2015

Hello and welcome back to Word Count Wednesday!

… what’s that?

It’s Thursday already?

Oh. Well. Oops. Looks like time got away from me, doesn’t it?

But that doesn’t matter. What’s important is that I’ve been writing!

But how much have I written?

3,158 words including my homework! Which is an average of about 451 words per day.

And you know what? That isn’t a bad start for a new year, especially when I’m so busy with university work.

It’s important to be gentle when getting back into the swing of things. And now I’m there, I can only write more.

~ Penny

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Word Count Wednesday: A New Beginning

It’s been a while since I did a Word Count Wednesday, hasn’t it?

I think it’s been a little over two months!

Not that I haven’t been posting. Promoting “Personal is Political” rather took over on Wednesdays and that pushed the word count aspect to one side.

But I want to come back to it because I found that it was an interesting experiment.

Plus I may not have as much time to write for pleasure this term as I did last term.

My tutor’s going to set writing tasks for me every Thursday. And part of my grade is dependent on me completing them in a satisfactory manner. That takes priority over writing for fun.

So making a note of how much I’m writing for university homework will remind me that I am making progress and I am still creating.

As I said in my last post, life has become pretty stressful for me recently. I’ve got a lot going on and that’s tough to manage.

But things like Word Count Wednesday work as little reminders that for all that life is difficult, I’m still getting things done. I’m still accomplishing things.

It doesn’t matter how slowly you move as long as you don’t stop. And it doesn’t matter if somebody else is getting to their destination faster than you’re getting to yours.

Working at your own pace doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Taking time doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Struggling doesn’t mean you’ve failed.

And I need to remember that.

~ Penny

P.S. My piece on selfies made it to the recommended page of Readwave! Why not give #FakeItTilYouMake it a look if you haven’t already?

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Under the Tree / Personal is Political

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Word Count Wednesday: 19th November 2014

Word Count Wednesday! And how much did I write?

4,680 words, or about 669 words per day!

Which is a little more than last week! Go me!

But that’s not what I want to talk to you about today. No, I’m being a little bit sneaky.

If you read my last Monday Musing, you’ll have seen that I’m publishing a new book.

I’m collaborating with Liam Whear and Susan Wright to bring you “Personal is Political”.

And you’ve probably noticed that I’ve had my poetry book “Under the Tree” on sale for a while.

Well, there are new developments with “Under the Tree”!

I am publishing it on Amazon!

You can get it in paperback now and on Kindle from 24th November (although you can pre-order right now if you like).

So what does that mean for that version down there?

It means that it’s limited edition.

Yes: there will never be another print run of “Under the Tree” with this cover. Consider it Edition 0.

I have only five copies left. After that? You will never be able to buy this version of the book ever again.

It’s your last chance to pick up the original version of “Under the Tree” for just £4 with free P&P anywhere in the UK.

After that? It’s gone!

So if you’d like one of the original copies of “Under the Tree” in its original cover, send me an e-mail at and I’ll get one sent to you.

Hurry while they last!

~ Penny

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Word Count Wednesday: 12th November 2014

It’s Word Count Wednesday again! And how much did I write this week?

4,268 words, or about 610 words per day!

More than last week! Yay!

Now let’s set aside that pesky issue of NaNoWriMo because I still haven’t written a word.

No, there was one other thing that prevented me from writing as much as I wanted to this week.

And that was altruism.

Those of you who follow my Instagram (@pennygotch) may have seen a picture I posted on Sunday of my writing pad.

And at that point, I was getting going with some writing. I thought I was going to write loads on my commute.

But that didn’t happen so much.

You see, I sat down at a table when a chair opened up so I could write. But then I noticed that the guy opposite me was struggling with a birthday present.

Well. I couldn’t let him struggle alone when I had a spare pair of hands, could I?

And that’s how I helped a man with a fabulous moustache wrap up a sewing machine. While on the high speed train between Canterbury and Stratford. Using sparkly purple paper.

And yes, we did both end up covered in glitter.

But you know what? I don’t mind.

I would rather do something nice for somebody in the real world and miss out a little in my writing.

Does that make me a bleeding heart softie? Maybe.

But I wouldn’t change that for anything. I love being me.

~ Penny

P.S. “Under The Tree” is still on sale! Read Melissa Holden’s review here, or e-mail me for more details at!

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Word Count Wednesday: 5th November 2014

Welcome back to Word Count Wednesday! And yes, it should be that and not Wednesday Word Count. I’ve been writing the wrong thing. How embarrassing.

But that’s not the point! The point is this:

How many words did I write this week?

In total, I wrote 3,347 words. That’s about 478 words per day.

And that’s a pretty sweet word count, right? Not as good as the first week, but still pretty awesome.

Well yes. Except for one little problem.

I’m supposed to be doing National Novel Writing Month. And that started in the middle of this week.

Image © NaNoWriMo (

And guess what? I haven’t written a single word for it yet.

I have a basic premise for my story. I’ve got to know the characters. And I have some vague notions of plot and the intent to pants it as much as humanly possible.

And yet I haven’t written down a single word.

Is that a real problem, though? I don’t think so.

After all, there’s nothing saying I can’t write a stupid amount and get all caught up in the next few days.

It just means I’ll have to work harder and write more in a shorter space of time.

And if I don’t win… well. I don’t win.

I’ll still have written something that I can use in the future. And that’s the important thing about NaNoWriMo.

It’s not the winning. It’s the taking part.

At least that’s what I’ll console myself with if I don’t get writing soon!

~ Penny

P.S. “Under The Tree” is still on sale! E-mail me for more details at!

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Word Count Wednesday: 29th October 2014

Don’t worry! I may have run out of time for Sunday Scribblings, but the Wednesday Word Count is right on time.

So what did I get up to this week?

Well, I didn’t write as much as I did last week.

In fact, I wrote just 2,317 words. That’s about 331 words per day.

And you know what? That’s okay.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Writing every day is hard.

A lot of people will tell you that it isn’t. You just need to pull together some discipline and it’s easy.

Just set your alarm earlier and write and everything will work out, right?

But life is not that simple.

In an ideal world, I would write 750 words per day.

But sometimes, that just doesn’t happen for one reason or another.

I have a lot of university work. I’ve gone out with friends more than usual. I’ve had other things to do.

“Real life” does get in the way or writing. And that’s okay.

If you write, you’re a writer. It doesn’t matter if you do it every day or do nothing for eight days then write 8,000 words.

Painted by Leonid Pasternak; uploaded by Crisco 1492 (

Some people are writing marathon runners. Some people are writing sprinters. You’ll either plod on a little bit each day or you’ll go in fits and bursts.

You need to find what works well for you. Just keep writing and eventually things will sort themselves out.

I believe in me. And I believe in you.

~ Penny

P.S. “Under The Tree” is still on sale! E-mail me for more details at!

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Word Count Wednesday: 22nd October 2014

Welcome back!

This week, I introduced my new Sunday Scribblings segment, and promised a new Wednesday segment too!

So what am I posting on Wednesdays?

Word Count Wednesday is a little writing exercise for myself.

With all the work I do for Her Campus as well as running my wrestling blog, I write a lot more than I give myself credit for.

And the point of Word Count Wednesday is to tally up all the words I create in a single week and examine it.

So how many words did I write between Wednesday 15th October and today?

6,288 words, or about 898 words per day.

If we work on the theory that 750 words per day is about the right average, that puts me in a good place.

And what I produced was a great mix of blog posts, Her Campus opinion pieces, fiction and even fanfiction.

Actually, I wrote more fanfiction than I did anything else. Over 2,000 words of it. And I find that fascinating.

Image ©

Now I’m a big advocate of fanfiction. But that’s not why I wrote that most of all.

No, I think it’s more that the story I picked is one I’m passionate about finishing and enjoy putting it together.

It’s an experimental piece and I’m having fun playing with it.

So what I need to do is find a way to transfer that passion to my original creative pieces and finish them too.

Well. Once the fic is done. It won’t write itself!

~ Penny

P.S. “Under The Tree” is still on sale! E-mail me for more details at!

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