Word Count Wednesday: A New Beginning

It’s been a while since I did a Word Count Wednesday, hasn’t it?

I think it’s been a little over two months!

Not that I haven’t been posting. Promoting “Personal is Political” rather took over on Wednesdays and that pushed the word count aspect to one side.

But I want to come back to it because I found that it was an interesting experiment.

Plus I may not have as much time to write for pleasure this term as I did last term.

My tutor’s going to set writing tasks for me every Thursday. And part of my grade is dependent on me completing them in a satisfactory manner. That takes priority over writing for fun.

So making a note of how much I’m writing for university homework will remind me that I am making progress and I am still creating.

As I said in my last post, life has become pretty stressful for me recently. I’ve got a lot going on and that’s tough to manage.

But things like Word Count Wednesday work as little reminders that for all that life is difficult, I’m still getting things done. I’m still accomplishing things.

It doesn’t matter how slowly you move as long as you don’t stop. And it doesn’t matter if somebody else is getting to their destination faster than you’re getting to yours.

Working at your own pace doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Taking time doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Struggling doesn’t mean you’ve failed.

And I need to remember that.

~ Penny

P.S. My piece on selfies made it to the recommended page of Readwave! Why not give #FakeItTilYouMake it a look if you haven’t already?

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