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I Ate’nt Dead

Hello everybody! It’s been… almost three years? Seriously? I haven’t updated this blog in THREE YEARS?

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So where the hell have I been? Long story short: having difficulties. Since the last update, I got a Distinction for my MA (which was nice) and had a bit of a breakdown (which was less so). I’m now diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and ADHD on top of being autistic, which has been helpful and stressful in equal measures, and my writing has been on the back burner.

But no more! New decade, new me! Or rather, new decade, returning to the old me who actually wrote things from time to time!

01a. Overwhelmed

I don’t have a dedicated update schedule for this blog – or, indeed, any idea of what I want to use it for other than promoting stuff I’ve written – but I will definitely be trying to create more interesting content for you in the future.

Thank you for your support! It’s great to be back!

~ Penny

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The End of the Thursday Review

At the beginning of the year, I had a goal. I wanted to write a book review for my blog once a week for all of 2017. And to my credit, I’ve gotten over a quarter of the way.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to finish.

When I made this goal, I thought that I’d be able to scrape through the first part of the year and, by the time uni ended, I’d be free to read as much as I want and get this done. That’s not the case.

Instead, three things have come together to drastically devour my spare time.

1) I’ve started writing for a second wrestling company, which reduces the amount of time I have for reading, which makes reviewing books difficult.

2) I’ve had a lot more assignment work than I expected. My four thousand word essay took a lot of time and attention and I also have a 15k submission to finish. Spending time reading when I could be doing that is self-indulgent.

3) I’m trying to find a day job. I had an interview last week and, if successful, that will also take up a good chunk of my life at present.

I will still try to write a piece of content for this blog to post on Thursdays from now until the end of the year, but until further notice, it won’t be The Thursday Review.

Thank you for all the time you’ve spent on my reviews so far. I love you all.

~ Penny

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You Can’t Do Everything

Sometimes, you can’t do everything.

01a. Overwhelmed

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Sunday Scribblings: Life Can Be Tough

Base image © Sembazuru (http://www.flickr.com/photos/sembazuru/6974372/). Edited by Penny Gotch (http://www.pennygotch.co.uk).

Life isn’t easy.

As much as we like to pretend that there’s some simple solution to everything, there really isn’t.

Unpleasant things happen to us, or we make bad decisions, or things just get too complicated for us to cope with.

Sometimes, life can be tough.

And you might think that’s not true for a writer. After all, we have it easy, don’t we?

Don’t we spend all day sitting around, making up fantasies in our heads? Aren’t we lucky to do what we love for a living? Shouldn’t we be grateful for what we have?

Yes and no.

Most writers don’t spend all their time writing. I know I don’t.

Painted by Leonid Pasternak; uploaded by Crisco 1492 (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Leonid_Pasternak_001.jpg).

I’m a student in my final year of a degree. I work one day a week in an HR office. I run a wrestling blog. And I write for this blog.

I wear a lot of hats and juggle a lot of responsibilities. And it’s not easy to cope with them all.

Mind you, I am grateful for the good things I have.

I’m healthy. I have a loving family. I’m doing a degree that I care about. I have wonderful friends. I have so many good things.

But that doesn’t mean that things don’t get difficult sometimes. And right now, I am struggling with life.

Am I giving up? No. Of course not. Things won’t always be hard. They will get better in time.

But at the moment, things aren’t easy. And I can only do my best.

~ Penny

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