The End of the Thursday Review

At the beginning of the year, I had a goal. I wanted to write a book review for my blog once a week for all of 2017. And to my credit, I’ve gotten over a quarter of the way.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to finish.

When I made this goal, I thought that I’d be able to scrape through the first part of the year and, by the time uni ended, I’d be free to read as much as I want and get this done. That’s not the case.

Instead, three things have come together to drastically devour my spare time.

1) I’ve started writing for a second wrestling company, which reduces the amount of time I have for reading, which makes reviewing books difficult.

2) I’ve had a lot more assignment work than I expected. My four thousand word essay took a lot of time and attention and I also have a 15k submission to finish. Spending time reading when I could be doing that is self-indulgent.

3) I’m trying to find a day job. I had an interview last week and, if successful, that will also take up a good chunk of my life at present.

I will still try to write a piece of content for this blog to post on Thursdays from now until the end of the year, but until further notice, it won’t be The Thursday Review.

Thank you for all the time you’ve spent on my reviews so far. I love you all.

~ Penny

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