Friday Writing Round-Up: 20th June 2014

Image © Penny Gotch.

I have a confession to make: this hasn’t been a very productive week for me.

Why? I couldn’t say. Some weeks are just like that, I suppose.

I wrote this week’s Her Campus poll, but I haven’t written an article yet, touched “Blue Skye” or “Numbers Up”, or written my “Couch to 5K” article.

I have done more brainstorming on my HG Wells Competition story, though. It’s now called “Gemini” and I have a plot and character names. Baby steps!

As for what else I’ve done this week?

I went to Basildon to do a huge load of shopping, including getting my mum’s birthday presents.

I made some absolute divine Malteser and Mars Bar fridge cake, which is the most decadent thing I’ve ever eaten.

And my parents bought me some awesome new clothes at Blue Water! Sweet!

Oh, and I got to play Pathfinder with a bunch of my American friends over Skype.

Image © Diacritica.

I love my character Telsir and I’m having so much fun with those guys. I just wish it wasn’t at such antisocial hours for a Brit!

And now the weekend is here. I’m going to try to get some more writing done over the next couple of days to make up for the lack of progress this week, but I won’t put too much pressure on myself.

After all, we’re going on the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour tomorrow! I can’t wait!

See you all on Monday!

P.S. You can still order a copy of my poetry book “Under the Tree”! It’s just £5.70 and that includes P&P to anywhere in the UK! Drop me an e-mail at or send me a Tweet to @pennygotch if you’re interested!

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