Launch of “Under the Tree”

Interested by the title? I hope you are! But before that…

My news article for Her Campus about the latest Assassin’s Creed game has gone live!

And here are my writing goals for the week:

Image © Penny Gotch.

  • Start my HG Wells competition story “Gemini”
  • Work on “Blue Skye”
  • Work on “Numbers Up”
  • Write an article about “Couch to 5K”
  • Write a news article for Her Campus

And here’s the big announcement!

I’ve self-published my own poetry book!

Image © Penny Gotch.

“Under the Tree” is my first chapbook collection. Right now, you can only get this in hard copy direct from me. Will it be on Kindle? Yes, but not until the beginning of July.

I’ve ordered 20 copies and 9 have been reserved already. That means there are 11 copies left waiting for a good home!

Each book is 30 pages long and costs £5.70 (including P&P to anywhere in the UK).


Let me know! You can contact me in the comments here, on Twitter (@pennygotch) or Facebook, or via e-mail.


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5 responses to “Launch of “Under the Tree”

  1. Love these poems – well done 🙂

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