Friday Writing Round-Up: 6th June 2014

Friday is here, and it’s time to look at how I did this week!

Image © Penny Gotch.

I’ve been chipping away at my writing checklist, but so far, I haven’t crossed a lot off it.

I wrote a news piece for Her Campus, which you can read here. And I brainstormed an idea for “fortune” to enter The HG Wells Competition.

But my Riddley Walker article remains sadly incomplete and I haven’t even touched “Blue Skye” or “Numbers Up”.

Although having checked the due dates, the fortune story is more urgent than “Numbers Up” is, so I’ll be switching their priorities around.

However, I have also been pretty busy this week!

On Monday, I went from Essex to Canterbury to attend a meeting with the new course director for my degree to give some feedback.

Tuesday was a quieter day, but I still walked to Aldi and back with my mum.

On Wednesday, I spontaneously decided to start doing “Couch to 5K” and found it harder than expected. I also found out that I’ve been shortlisted for the “Art in the Underpass” competition in Canterbury, which was neat.

Yesterday, I took the train back to Canterbury again to attend a talk on feminism and language, which was fascinating. And then the trains home mucked me about, which was less fun. I then stayed up until the wee hours of the morning playing Pathfinder with friends.

And today, I helped my mum with the household jobs and went for a jog/walk for my “Couch to 5K”. Couldn’t resist a cheeky selfie!

So I’d say this has been a productive week, even though I haven’t got all my writing done.

I’ll see you on Monday with my list of next week’s tasks, what I did with my weekend, and most importantly, my Writing Process Blog Tour post!

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