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Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

No! I don’t! But I do want to build a snow cat!

A photograph of a cat sculpted from snow. It is lying on some grass with its tail stretched out behind it. Its eyes and nose are made of stones, its whiskers are made of broken twigs, and its ears are made of leaves.

Without saying where I am, we’ve had a bit of snow. And because I am an eternal child, I decided to have fun with it, then blog about it. After all, it’s The Year of Chaotic Creation! Why not make a tiny snowman decorated with some pebble dash that fell off the house and a couple of tiny leaves?

A photograph of a tiny snowman made of two balls of snow. Its eyes, nose and three buttons on its chest are made of small pebbles and its arms are made of small skinny leaves.

He’s so hecking cute.

I can’t be bothered to cross-post the mini reviews I did for the two books I’ve read and the movie I’ve seen, so here are my Goodreads page and my Rotten Tomatoes page. I’ll add both of them to my signature as well because then I won’t have to re-post them. (I’m also not going to bother with a related post any more because WordPress does that automatically and it just makes a new comment for me to moderate.)

Complete change of topic: snow rooster!

A photograph of a small rooster sculpted from snow.

And here he is with his inspiration, Chubby Chicken.

A photograph of the same snow rooster, but from a further distance away. Behind it stands a large rooster made of stone that is wearing a small hand-made face mask.

And having made a snow cock (hehe), how could I not make sniddies (snow tiddies)?

A photo of a small torso sculpted out of snow. There is an indent for a belly button and it is topped with a pair of large snow breasts with very prominent snow nipples.

I turn thirty this year. I am full of maturity.

And now I’ll round up this ridiculous post with something wholesome: kitty pawprints in the snow.

A photograph of snow on the edge of a lawn. Two perfect pawprints stand out very clearly against it.

Stay warm, stay safe, stay inside, wear a mask, wash your hands!

~ Penny

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So. I turn 30 this year.

Remember a little less than a year ago when I said I’d be posting here more often?

Yeah. That was a fun little hope 😛 Then again, 2020. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Here’s the thing though: this year? I turn 30. And they say that when you reach the age of 30, you officially stop giving a single Technicolor fuck. So guess what I’m doing!

In celebration of my 30th year, I’ve planned 30 small and hopefully manageable challenges (as long as a few informal challenges I want to try to do), and one of those is to post here what I want, when I want, as part of Jenny Trout’s 2021: The Year of Chaotic Creation.

Let’s face it: writing-wise, things have stagnated here. I haven’t had anything published since 2017. I’m no longer on Twitter or Facebook because they were so damaging to my mental health. All attempts I made to create a “brand” for myself have fallen by the wayside.

Why not do what I want? Why not swear as much as I want? Write about my roleplaying characters? Post pictures of baking I’ve done? Talk about whatever I want?

So here we are. On the first day of the year. And the reason I’m writing this post is to talk about my book and film challenges. I have four official goals relating to books and movies:

  • Make a little review of every book I read or listen to on Audible, trying to read/listen to at least twelve.
  • Make a little review of every movie I see, trying to see at least twelve.
  • Watch a film released in the year I was born.
  • Read a book published in the year I was born.

But I also have two unofficial goals: I want to read every book listed under New Books on this Wikipedia page and see every film listed under 1991 Wide-release films on this one. I say this is unofficial because it’s very unlikely I will manage it. There are 79 fiction books on there alone, one of which is Book 14 of the Xanth series. I’d say I’d want to read the other 13 first to have context, but Ana Mardoll has written about the first three on his blog and hoooo boy.

But the reason I came here today and the reason I’m writing this post?

If I do watch every single film in the wide-release section, I will legit have to watch fucking “Citizen Kane” because it had a re-release 15 days before I was born. How cool is that?

Anyway. I’ll hopefully be back at some point, maybe after I’ve watched a film, maybe after I’ve read a book, maybe because I’ve baked something or done a cross-stitch or written something. Who knows? Not me! That’s the fun of it!

~ Penny

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