Monday Musings: Where Does the Time Go?

Where does the time go? That’s my question this week.

You probably noticed that I didn’t post anything yesterday. Yep. I missed my Sunday Scribblings day.

What can I say? I was travelling Friday morning. I had a concert Friday evening. I was travelling all Saturday. I had wrestling Saturday evening.

And on Sunday? I just crashed.

So now here we are on Monday and I never posted anything on Sunday!

They say that time flies when you’re having fun. It’s remarkable how true that cliché is.

Poets of the Fall were amazing on Friday. And I had so much fun at Southside on Saturday.

I got a shout-out from Will Ospreay because my hair matched his trunks. How cool is that?

And I had my photo taken with Curry Man, Bad Influence, Kay Lee Ray AND Robbie X!

Living the dream, my friends…

But anyway. What was I going to talk about yesterday?

Well, my original post was going to be about my thoughts on fanfiction.

But I think it’s a little late in the post to start on such a big topic.

So instead, I’m extending my book sale!

You’ve got just two more weeks left to order a physical copy of “Under the Tree”!

And it’s still 20% off with free postage to anywhere in the UK!

There are just four (4) copies left and they’re looking for good homes.

It’s more than 20 poems for just £4 and no postage.

To order, e-mail me at!

~ Penny

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