Monday Writing Goals: 7th July 2014

Do I have an excuse for not writing a post last Friday?

No. Not really. Except for the fact that I didn’t write much fiction last week.

Now, I don’t mention it on this blog, but I do actually run another blog, where I write reviews and opinion pieces on professional wrestling.

And I update that blog three times a week.

So every time it looks like I’ve written nothing because I haven’t accomplished goals set on this blog, I have still created three pieces of creative non-fiction that I haven’t mentioned.

So there’s that, at least.

Still, my goals this week are: to finish my HG Wells Competition story; to work on “Blue Skye”; and to start a new novel for my 25k mini Camp NaNoWriMo.

Yes, I know it’s Day Seven and I haven’t written a single word yet. Shush.

See you on Friday!

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